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They Converted A Card Catalog Into The Cutest Baby Accessory For A Librarian Mom

OCTOBER 23, 2015  —  By Jessica Catcher  
Jessica Catcher

Jessica Catcher

Jessica is a writer who lives in Queens, NY. She spends most of her time listening to One Direction, watching TV, and hanging out with her one-eyed cat, Rigby.

Card catalogs may have disappeared from our libraries and our lives when the Internet took over their job, but they still have a nostalgic charm for any book fan. So when this woman found one for sale, she knew it would make the perfect accessory for her librarian sister's upcoming baby's room.

She had her husband take over crafting duties, and the antique was transformed into a super-cute changing table.

Here's the original card catalog.

Sadly, though, he wasn't able to salvage much of it.

He trimmed about seven inches from the legs and realized he would need to build all new shelves for proper storage.

He used a pocket hole jig to secure the rails on top.

He customized the front rail with an angled cut and the back with an arch.

Then he got started on building the drawers!

Looks like a total success.

But making two drawers look like 15 would be tricky. He cut some pieces of wood to create the base for the catalog facade.

Smaller square pieces would cover each drawer.

He installed those and added the original hardware.

Then he used a vice, reciprocating saw, and leftover metal rods to make the drawer pins.

Last step: slap some white paint on it (per the grandmother's request).

(source Reddit)

It may not be exactly what they thought it would be going in, but it's definitely one of the most adorable changing tables I've ever seen. And it will mean so much more to her sis being that it was made by them instead of purchased at a fancy furniture store!