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You Can Make A Beautiful, Rosette-Lined Mirror With Just Egg Cartons

NOVEMBER 6, 2015  —  By Grace Eire  
Grace Eire

Grace Eire

On Viral Nova, Grace writes about cute animals. She also writes for design42day.com, and thoroughly enjoys puns - the good kind or the bad kind. She's not picky when it comes to puns. She's studied English, music, film, and other creative fields. In her spare time she's reading or writing creative nonfiction, arranging songs, or writing jokes just in case she some day decides to try stand up comedy.

Egg cartons hold so much crafting potential. They're sturdy yet malleable, cheap, and almost every household has them. But when you think of the things you can make with egg cartons, you probably go straight to kids' crafts. However, if you just use your imagination, you can turn a bunch of these dull, grey containers into some very classy adult pieces.

First, you'll need to cut out what will soon be "petals."

Slice into the four corners of each individual egg pod, and trim them into petal shapes.

Repeat this with another pod of the same size, then a third, cutting smaller petals. Roll the smaller petals slightly. Glue the second set of petals on top of the first, and finish off with the smallest in the center.

Do this a bunch more times until you have enough roses to cover your entire frame.

If you want to spray-paint them a different color, this is the time to do it.

Around your mirror, measure a three-inch border from medium-density fiberboard. Saw off the corners to give it a more rounded look.

You can adjust the measurements, depending on how many roses you want on the mirror. Just know you'll have to collect more egg cartons if you're looking to make a giant garden!

Drill two holes into your MDF and thread your picture-hanging wire through. Secure it in place.

Now you can paint the board, let it dry, and glue the mirror to it.

The last thing to do is glue your roses onto the board!

Spread the petals out to fill up empty spaces, and keep gluing them on until the whole border is covered.

When you're finished, it should look like this -- what a one-of-a-kind beauty!

(source Better Homes And Gardens)

Wasn't that easy? Just put on your favorite TV show or a fun playlist while you're cutting the petals, and you'll have a brand-new mirror in no time. The best part is that you can go as detailed or as simple with your paint job as you want!