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We All Have Unsightly Things In Our Homes, But We Don't Have To Look At Them

OCTOBER 14, 2015

Every home has them -- they're the functional, necessary things that unfortunately were only designed to work, not to look nice. You might love everything about your living room, say, but there's the big ugly thermostat staring back at you with its green numbers that don't match the decor at all.

But luckily, clever bloggers the world over have come up with genius ways to hide those little eyesores -- or to at least make them not as obnoxious. Check out some of our favorite ideas below, and see if they inspire you to make your home a little prettier.

1. A litter box can be stowed in a cabinet.

The addition of a kitty door lets the cat get in and out, and you don't have to look at the gross litter box.

2. A cornice can help hide ugly curtain rods.

It adds a bit of flair to a room, too.

3. Hide an ugly vent behind a homemade cover.

Using just some wood and a bit of decorative screen, you can make a camouflaging cover.

4. Refresh old floor vents with a coat of paint.

Using Rustoleum spray paint in a matching color makes them look much nicer.

5. Build a trellis around your air conditioner.

Hide this necessary, but ugly, item with some plants, too.

6. Cord hiders are lifesavers.

7. If you can't hide a cord, spruce it up.

These wire clips from Amazon make things less ugly.

8. The spines of old books disguise a catch-all basket.

It's great for stowing remotes, game controllers, and other little odds and ends.

9. Ugly cosmetics bottles don't have to mar your decor.

You can pick up some cheap, decorative bottles online.

10. Update appliances with a coat of stainless steel paint.

Get a modern look without spending the money.

11. You could also cover it with wallpaper.

Just make sure it's the removable kind.

12. You can even give it a coat of chalkboard paint.

It's the perfect place for grocery lists and reminders.

13. Store laundry baskets in deep drawers.

Keep your dirty laundry to yourself this way.

14. Tuck a printer away into a modified drawer.

Find the tutorial here.

15. Hide routers in decorative boxes.

16. You can also use a hollowed-out book.

17. Ugly wall? It doesn't have to be a problem.

You can cover it with a painted or stenciled pegboard if paint or wallpaper won't help.

18. Another way to hide cords is by simply hanging a drape over them.

Using a black cloth and some magnets, all the cords are tucked away behind this desk.

19. Hide alarms, thermostats, or other unsightly things behind a painting.

Just attach a hinge for easy access.

20. Decorate washers and dryers with electrical tape.

If you get sick of it, just peel it off!

These are just some of the many ways you can make things in your house seem less messy and more personalized, all for very little money. And if you have a favorite idea, share it!