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23 Of The Most Epic Ways To Decorate Your Favorite Crafting Items: Mason Jars!

OCTOBER 19, 2015  —  By Grace Eire  
Grace Eire

Grace Eire

On Viral Nova, Grace writes about cute animals. She also writes for design42day.com, and thoroughly enjoys puns - the good kind or the bad kind. She's not picky when it comes to puns. She's studied English, music, film, and other creative fields. In her spare time she's reading or writing creative nonfiction, arranging songs, or writing jokes just in case she some day decides to try stand up comedy.

Mason jars are the go-to item when it comes to DIY, decorating, and party-throwing. Every human loves mason jars. This is a true fact -- according to science.

Sure, there are tons of practical uses for the versatile containers, but there are also countless ways to dress them up, like they're going on a fun date.

These 23 projects will have your mason jars looking super fancy in no time!

1. These mirrored mercury jars are not for food, but they sure are pretty.

2. Chalk paint makes them good for storing stuff you don't want to display.

3. Remind yourself to be joyful this season.

4. Make them look like aged copper.

5. Paint just part of it to make a beautiful succulent planter.

6. Paint some with polka dots, 'cause why not?

7. Show your patriotism!

8. Dress one up like Santa, because apparently Christmas isn't far off.

9. Turn some into a beautiful chandelier.

10. Go simple with black and white.

11. Get your hands on some decal paper for this simple, polished look.

12. Fill them with fairy lights...duh.

13. Or you could make them glow this way, too!

14. These teeny apple jars are almost too much cute for me to handle.

15. And these doily candle holders are so dainty.

16. Get the kids involved for this tinted craft.

17. These are nice and adorably nautical!

18. These piggy banks are, well...they're super!

19. These lanterns are absolutely stunning.

20. But you can always go a little more subtle.

21. This sewing kit is adorable and useful.

22. Hey, they can get cold, too, you know!

23. Channel your inner modern artiste with these stained glass jars.

What do you know, some of these are pretty useful aside from being plain old pretty! Now you have no excuse for not owning a mason jar...go ahead, get crafting!