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A Traveling Sauna-Van? Sure, Why Not? When You DIY, You Can Do Anything!

OCTOBER 15, 2015  —  By Laura Caseley  
Laura Caseley

Laura Caseley

Laura Caseley is a New York-based writer, artist, and illustrator. When she's not writing and researching for ViralNova, you can find her working on an art project or enjoying a good cup of tea.

Ever wanted to just stretch out and relax in a sauna, but realized you were nowhere near one? This is no longer a problem that Reddit user JoeCMorgan has. How is this possible? Well, he and his friends went and built themselves a portable sauna-van. Yes, really. And what's more, he completed the project when he was just 17.

It all started with this Vauxhall Combo trailer, which had been modified with a tow bar so it could be hauled around.

At the beginning, it wasn't much to look at.

First, it was given a good cleaning.

A portion of the front was removed to build a chimney for the wood-burning stove. A van full of smoke is no good.

The exhaust system was attached.

Then paneling was cut for the walls.

It would give it a classic sauna look.

Of course, it had to be insulated to keep the heat in.

The fuel pump was replaced with a water pump so that a shower could be installed.

Because after a good sweat, that's what you need.

The water tank was attached to the bottom of the van. It doesn't need fuel, of course, since it's meant to be towed.

With the water pump in place, the showerhead could be attached to the outside. The piping runs along the inside of the van.

Then came the laminate flooring.

Speakers were also installed, because if you can't jam out in a sauna, why have one?

Seating was built over the wheel wells.

The seats include storage pockets for logs.

Then, it was time to install the 1920s Husqvarna wood-burning stove. It was cleaned and painted before installation.

They installed it and hooked it up to the exhaust system.

And the portable sauna was complete!

Finally...the test run.

And it works!

(source Reddit)

Okay, so maybe not everyone needs their own portable sauna, but you have to admit the SaunaVan, as it's called, is pretty nifty, and would be a lot of fun on a camping trip. Or, y'know, in your backyard.