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20 Beautiful Ways To Make Your Tiny Living Space Seem Totally Huge

OCTOBER 28, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie

Living in a tiny apartment or home can be a bit of a bummer. Especially if you know someone who has a huge, palatial estate. It can make living in your cramped space a little depressing, to say the least. But if you can't afford to move into a bigger and better place, what are you to do?

Well, here are some tips and tricks to help make your small space seem larger and give you that extra room when you need it.

1. Create room in your bathroom with floating shelves.

2. Build yourself some shelves that start from the ceiling to save on space.

3. These towel racks are efficient, cheap, and look amazing.

4. Get rid of your end table and use this sofa arm stand instead.

5. Sliding doors can work wonders when it comes to opening up space and making rooms seem bigger.

6. Room dividers are great for the same reason!

7. Hanging your laundry bag on a hook saves a ton of floor space.

8. You can build a baby crib inside a closet to leave the room completely open.

9. There's tons of real estate that never gets utilized above your doors -- optimize with shelving.

10. Corner shelves can be easy to build and they work with space that often goes unused otherwise.

11. Even your cabinets can be cramped...this nifty space-saver is vital for those that are packed to the gills.

12. This tiered toiletries rack is beautiful and ideal for consolidating for counter space.

13. Turn your dresser into an entertainment center so you can have clothes beneath your TV.

14. Putting shelves and even desks under the stairs can save tons of room in a small apartment or home.

15. Elevated beds and desks are ideal for a cramped living situation.

16. Invent a new place to store things!

17. Think this is just a piece of art? WRONG! It also holds jewelry inside of it.

18. This around-the-door bookshelf is very decorative and space saving.

19. Get furniture that also holds odds and ends, like this coffee table/storage bin.

20. And, of course, built-ins like this foldout desk do wonders for a small space.

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These tips should suit you well if you have a tiny living space and need to free up some room. Just be prepared to spend some money and take the time to learn how to build shelves.