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If The World Is Ending, You Will Need To Know These Survival Tricks

NOVEMBER 18, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie


Okay, maybe not really...but I'm sure you've heard someone screaming this on the street, or at least seen a looney yelling it in a movie or TV show.

It's a sign that those people believe that the apocalypse is upon us. While we don't really know when the world will end or what will cause it, we do know of some nifty survival hacks that will hopefully extend your life while the world is decimated with hellfire!

1. Collect walking sticks.

These will be super useful when you're traversing the wastelands. Be sure to find a big, straight, sturdy branch, chop off the limbs, and save your knees some anguish.

2. Know how to open a jar without help.

Use some duct tape to pop that stubborn thing open. Your life could depend on it.

3. Use crayons as candles.

Crayon candles last roughly 30 minutes.

4. Capture drinking water in a plastic sheet.

Place the sheet on some grass. Condensation will gather on the sheet and you'll be able to drink the water.

5. Protect yourself from blisters with duct tape.

6. Turn tin cans into mini stoves.

Cut open a hole in the bottom, put some sticks in there, and let that sucker burn.

7. Use Altoids tins to keep all your supplies safe.

Stuff 'em with medical supplies and other toiletries.

8. Create electricity with a lemon and some coins!

Lemons have the power to generate electricity, provided you have some coins with you, too. Cut two slits in the lemon, in one slit put a penny and in the other place a dime. Let there be TV (not really, though)!

9. Craft a makeshift gun with toothpicks.

If you have some toothpicks or darts, jam them into any spray canister. Just make sure your aim is true.

10. Make a fire with steel wool.

If you lost your lighter and need to spark up a fire, steel wool and a battery will do the trick. Just hold a 9-volt battery close to the steel wool and the electric current will cause sparks to fly.

11. Catch food with floss.

Floss isn't just for your teeth, you can also use it as a snare to catch fish!

12. Start a fire with Doritos.

13. Make toothpaste with baking soda.

It might seem silly to brush your teeth during the end of days, but eating is still important! Use baking soda as toothpaste in a pinch.

14. Set broken bones with duct tape and toilet paper.

Wrap the toilet paper around the affected area, making sure it's firm. Then apply the duct tape around the toilet paper generously to make sure it stays in place.

15. Use a bra as a face mask.

Protect yourself from dust storms or any harmful, contaminated air with a bra cup.

16. Turn your watch into a compass.

In a post-apocalyptic world, you don't have to worry about being late for things, so put that watch to good use.

17. Get the most out of leaves.

Leaves can be used as bandages, for insulation, or even as rope.

18. Make a stove out of a soda can.

Cut the top and bottom off, poke holes in the side, and light some rubbing alcohol in the middle.

19. Use salt water to help heal bug bites and itches.

20. Make a raft with just some tarp and branches.

Lay the tarp out and fill it with branches, then bind it at the top. Be sure to test it before boarding your "boat."

21. Open combination locks with a piece of a soda can.

Cut it just the right way and jimmy open a padlock.

22. Tell how much daylight is left with your hand.

It's a rough approximation, but you get the idea.

23. Conduct a fire with Vaseline.

24. Avoid frostbite with baby oil.

Lather yourself up in baby oil to get an extra layer of protection against the elements.

(via Diply, BuzzFeed)

These survival hacks will keep you safe in the final moments of humanity -- or, you know, if you just get stuck in the wild.