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If You Have Tea Bags In Your House, You Can Use Them For These Awesome Things!

NOVEMBER 13, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie

Tea is an enormously popular beverage that has many health benefits. It's a great way to start your day and end your night. But did you know that if you have tea bags just lying around your house, there are some pretty awesome things that you can do with them? Here are just a few of the many uses for your leftover baggies.

1. Clean hardwood floors

Black tea has the power to clean, restore color to, and bring back shine to hardwood floors if you add it to your mopping routine.

2. Enrich soil

Instead of throwing out old tea bags, open them up and dump the contents into the soil of an acid-loving plant.

3. De-stink shoes

If you place some tea bags in your smelly shoes, it will help deodorize them. Putting two or three in your shoes for a few days will do the trick.

4. Relieve bags under eyes

Relieve bags under eyes


Put warm, used tea bags over your eyes for 15 minutes or so to make sure your tired eyes don't look...well, tired.

5. Improve your skin

A green tea bath will not only relax you, but the tea's natural properties are great for your skin.

6. Catch ashes

Wet tea leaves are able to soak up ashes from your fireplace.

7. Tenderize meat

Teas can help tenderize while also providing a subtle hint of flavor if you let them soak with meats overnight.

8. Deodorize hands

Deodorize hands


If you work with smelly foods like garlic and onions, scrub some tea bags on your hands to get rid of those bad fragrances.

9. Stain furniture

The natural colors of dark teas make staining wooden furniture with the bags incredibly easy.

10. Soothe pimples

If you pop pimples, press a warm, soaked tea bag on the affected area after to reduce redness and irritation.

11. Fight grease

The ingredients in teas are great for lifting grease off of glasses. Let tea bags sit with your dishes in warm water to make the cleanup easy.

(via Pop Sugar)

Get some use out of those used and/or extra tea bags you have lying around the house!